Tuesday, October 4, 2011

b e c a u s e of m e

i keep waiting for the right time to be..
apart of me say that is ok,
but a part of that say 
u kill me inside
when i have to waiting
for whole me said,
i will waiting for the right time
to be

i walk alone and keep walking, 
a thousand people around me, 
but i still feel that im alone, 
without u 
people said you are nothing
but for me

a thousand million miles 
far away from u
a thousand hope 
i owe at u
 a times heals it
sky will be a judge
my love is just for u
and i still running into u

 might be possible
to be the one that appreciate u
the one that adore u most
feel the way he touch u
and the way he look at u
and bring u to the next chapter